Wednesday, 11 November 2009


-Nino and Radia "HotToddy"
-The Crusaders "My Lady"
-CLB (Les Baxter) "Jungle Flower"
-Fela Kuti "Expensive Shit"
-George McRae "I get Lifted(TTEdit)
-Full Flavoured Dip "Don't Stop"
-Reverso68 "Piece Together"
-St.Corner Symphony "Symphonic Tonic"
-Simon Baker "Plastic"(Remix

Monday, 9 November 2009


-Me & You "Intro"
-Candy Staton "I'm just a Prisoner"
-Honey Cone "Sittin On A Time Bomb"
-Sam Pagglia "Bobsamnova"
-Silver Ocean "Sweet Dreams"
-Yoko Hatanaka "More Sexy"
-Stevie Wonder "Superstition"
-Jose Gonzales(TTEdit) "Killing for Love"
-The Bee-Gees (TTEdit) "You should be dancing"
-Imagination "Just An Illusion"
-Roni Griffith "Love is the Drug"

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Melody & Percussion

I'm Glad to welcome a special guest :Miss Teva Siegfrid directly from Germany
-Cinemaphonic "Crab Apple Jam"
-Belleruche "You're listening to the world"
-Galactic "Paint"
-Ohene "Strange Fruit"
-Belleruche "You're listening to the world"
-Flow Dynamics "Up to the party"
-Unity (Nostalgia 77 Remix) "I don't wanna change"
-The Soul Jazz Orchestra "Interested Benevolence"
-Black Lolita OST "Nervy Guitar"(T.Tape)
-Belgian Afrobeat Association "Femme Fatal"
-Tumblack "Invocation"
-OMNI "Disco Sock's"

Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Last Hours Before the Big Bang (Part_02)

The original "Pierrot le Fou"
-The Undisputed Truth "Ufo's"
-Mombasa "Nomoli"
-MSK "Eleonor Righby"
-Onion Display "Norzin Wangdu"
-Bob Seger "Close night moves"
-noJazz "Medina"
-Jazmina "It ain't easy"
-Goody Goody "Bio-Rhythms"
-Ted Taylor "Ghetto Disco"
-EKO "Manyake"

The Last Hours Before the Big Bang (Part_01)

Me & my friends are glad to post our first set:
The first is "Nico Mix"
-Flow Dynamics "Introduction"
-Kinny & Horne "Why me"
-Mombasa "Nairobi"
-Ananda Project "Free Me"
-A Dub Plate of Food "Akaire"
-Diesler ft Laura Vane "A little something"
-Club des Belugas "Hip Hip Chin Chin"(Yaziko Club Mix)
-Unforscene "This is London"
-Trubi Trio ft Joseph Malik "High Jazz"
-Nu-Jazz Wilde "Chok-A-Block Avenue"
-(Re:Jazz) ft Alice Russel "Gabrielle"